New modern women’s various changes and independent qualities always are spiritual image of brand.

Starting from city ladies’ image memory with era characteristic, Hyssop has explored their different present conditions in various social occasions, working conditions, enjoyment conditions and the conditions of returning to self. In the end, we hope to develop into perfect series contents through design and arrangement and then share them to more city ladies. Therefore, more city ladies will find carriers which can have dialogues with themselves and help them find the point of lease for their spiritual outlook as well as their real ways so that they will enjoy every minute of urban lives with more independence, freedom and identity.

In design, Hyssop Studio tries adopting research-oriented arrangement to combine and divide various traits of city ladies. In addition, the key language for dividing team is nothing but music. We have reasons to believe that spiritual food is the most typical information channel for the present carefully divided social groups. As for us, the series of design and combination are from music variety and audiences’ hobbies such as classic grace and positive life attitude. Symphony’s intensity and purity together with mixing pop’s seriousness and novelty will provide us with woman’s new vision, which will help us more profoundly follow spiritual food to learn the present city ladies’ various thoughts and identities. Finally, we will combine them into the design for product series or single product to present us good music for new women we know.